• Extreme Security™Aorta Cloud offers the most secure public cloud available in Europe, bar none.
    Suitable for government data, archiving in financial services and storing mass personal data including pharmaceutical and clinical research.
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  • Secure Single Tenant CloudAll the benefits of your Private Cloud...without the CapEx. Security, Integrity, Confidentiality.
    Under your control but our management. No more headaches.
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  • Extreme Escrow™Insulating users and service providers from supplier failure. Keep an escrow copy in our Cloud safely and securely for when catastrophic failure means you need it. Read More
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  • Public Cloud

    Highly Secure Cloud Storage for companies that require resilience integrity and confidentialityUsing CleverSafe's Dispersed Storage™ technology, Aorta Cloud is one Read More
  • Hybrid Cloud

    Many organisations choose Aorta's Public Storage solution to take full advantage of our usage-based pricing with no upfront costs. Others Read More
  • Private Cloud

    Aorta Cloud's Private Cloud is designed to enable your organisation to comply with the most stringent corporate or legal data Read More
  • Compute

    Create, use and destroy compute instances for any task - secure and robust and available when you need it.Configure an appliance
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Secure CloudExtreme Storage™

About Aorta CloudPart of the Aorta Group

Using our experience of working with the UK Government building highly secure solutions affecting millions of UK citizens, we designed and built AortaCloud. And with everyone across the Group using AortaCloud daily, we are our own customers.

So when we say we understand what companies need in a good cloud service provider, we truly do. And we've found one. Aorta Cloud.

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Extreme Storage

Personal Data compliance using Extreme StorageTM

Approved by the ICO to store millions of EU citizens' Personal Data records

Use AortaCloud to keep compliant with the EU & UK Data Protection Acts

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Security Overview

  • Availability +

    Dispersed Storage™ technology makes zero downtime maintenance and upgrades possible with the system remaining operable and data accessible throughout.
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